Years of experience

It’s best to get expert help to deal with the strict rules that churchyards have regarding memorials. These rules vary depending on each diocese. At Lasting Memorials, we have years of experience dealing with these rules. You can count on us to make the process a

Our services include the following

  • We will fill the Permit Application Form on your behalf
  • We will send this application to the incumbent priest in charge, or the Rural Dean
  • Permission for the erection of a headstone may be granted only after a specified period from the date of burial or internment of ashes
  • We will help you file a Petition for Faculty. This is required if you need a memorial that has specifications outside the current churchyard rules and regulations

Expert advice

There are specific rules and regulations with respect to memorial types, dimensions and fixing methods. We will provide information and advice on these.

For efficient stonemasons in Willenhall, Call Lasting Memorials on:

07769 741090

01902 602686